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The story of Riot Felmer, a loathsome excuse of a man who tries his best and still manages to ruin everything that he touches.  Join him in a journey through the small kingdom of Duskridge, in a world infected by plague and war, and the only saving grace being a medicine that can only be deemed a double-edged sword.

- Visual Novel with RPG-style combat
- Dynamic game over scenes
- 4k wordcount
- I worked really hard on this it was made by one person who is me

This demo does not contain music or sound effects.  Sorry!!


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Lordless-1.0-pc.zip 148 MB


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Hey, I played the demo and loved it! Love the artwork, the battles, the lore and the characters! If it's alright, I created a fan-made playlist of royalty free music tracks to listen to alongside the game while there is none (I don't own them, I put them together on soundcloud. Also some are watermarked, but were too good not to use!). If anyone wants to, take a listen and see if you think they would fit! https://soundcloud.com/user-113375369/sets/royalty-free-halloween

1) Splash Free! - Main Menu Theme

2) A Sad Halloween Story - Intro

3) Spooky Flutes - Cathedral/Ethanor Theme

4) Halloween Tango - Battle Prelude

5) Dark Battle "Glory Eternal" - Battle Theme A

6) Spooky Fun Halloween Waltz - Level Up!

7) Halloween Motion - Map Theme A

8) Halloween Lullaby - Moonlit Lake/Cassandra Theme

9) Dreams From The Ashes - Battle Theme B

10) Halloween Spooky Background Music - Comedy/Fail Moments

11) Smooth Latin Jazz - After Battle

12) Haunting Piano - Romantic Moments

13) Halloween Night - Map Theme B

14) Halloween Waltz - Duskridge Town

15) Mysterious Piano - Graveyard/Fester Theme

16) Spooky Halloween - End Credits

17) Quirky Electro Swing - Riot's Theme

It goes in order of appearance in-game (mostly!). There is a mixture of different genres like jazz, electro swing and waltz, but they are linked with a quirky, Halloween vibe with the aim of giving it some personality. Let me know if you think it works, it took me a couple of days sifting through various different tracks and this was the result. Sorry for the long comment! XD

OHHHHH MY GOOOODDD I LOVE THIS?!?!???!? I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH.???? OHHH I'm sitting here in awe thank you for this it's means so much to me for reals and I'm so glad you liked it so much!!! ; W ;

Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed the playlist. It's so awesome that you made this on your own and it inspires me to learn to make my own games. This project deserves some love and I'm rooting for you all the way! :D


EXCITED TO CHECK THIS OUT! It looks GREAT so far, whoa!